VICES has over 15 years of experience in the footwear industry, which proves that it is the market leader in footwear distributors in Central and Eastern Europe. VICES collections are above all a list of the best global trends. Fashion, which is characterized by elegance and style combined with comfort . VICES is currently the only online wholesaler offering the sale of pairs in the wholesale system. You can buy full cartons as well as choose interesting sizes.Variety of the collection makes it the richest offer in Poland. A modern system ajusted to customer need allows for servicing and shipment of orders within guaranteed short time.
Counselling and logistic services of VICES, combined with the product offer, become the only indispensable tools for stocking up a footwear store.
VICES shoes combine avantgarde and a good style that reigns on the fashion runways. We focus on the most fashionable design and we make sure that every customer can find in our collections something for self.
Discover the new shoes brand which makes every collection complete for furnishing a footwear store of any size.
VICES as a manufacture offers customers full support in sales.
If you are at the e-commerce business, we are able to integrate with your system:  packshot, campaign materials and all marketing stuff.